The Unchecked Baggage

Meet my people: Georgina Storm Waite

Living in LA, I've been fortunate to surround myself with phenomenal people from all walks of life. For a while now I've wanted to delve a little deeper with some of those people and learn how they tick. It's a... Continue Reading →


Last week while hike/jogging (an activity I would now not recommend) with my rat-dog Oliver, I fell and hurt my right arm pretty badly. Let me rephrase that. Last week, an idiot adult with an untrained dog who cannot walk... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone Freeway

You’d think that having lived the life I’ve lived, what with moving countries (almost) every four years, that I am pretty comfortable outside of the comfort zone. But you’d be wrong. I don’t know if it’s my Libra and Scorpio... Continue Reading →

Expat Brat meets Mr Hotel

In 2005, I was seventeen years old and I lived in Hong Kong. I grew up in Asia for periods from the late 80’s until I graduated high school in 2006, and I still go back almost yearly as my... Continue Reading →

I’ve got a bad feeling: AKA the time I left a movie theatre

Last night I went to a movie theatre to go and see the Seth Rogen & Charlize Theron flic, Long Shot. How was the movie you ask? I don't know, because I left after the previews. Why did I leave... Continue Reading →

5 things that Yoga taught me (that I think I already knew, but kinda didn’t)

A year is a long time when you’re living it, and short looking back from the other side. To a ninety year old a year is a blip, to a nine year old, it is forever. Everything is perspective, and... Continue Reading →

She’s back

After a little bit of a hiatus, caused by the loss of family members, I'm back. (The good news about baggage is, the bigger and weirder it is, the more fun we have talking about it.) New Blog every Wednesday.... Continue Reading →

Death: A painful truth

For those of you not following my life as closely on social media as I am stalking following yours, or for those who missed it because they have a life of their own... I previously posted that my Uncle Ian has... Continue Reading →

A Moth Story that wasn’t: “Tests”

Below is a story I prepared for The Moth in Los Angeles theme: "Tests". Names are drawn out of a hat, and on this occasion, mine was not. Here is the story I would have told: Every Immigrant you have... Continue Reading →

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