When I googled “Austra-Alien” a few weird things came up.

According to that infallible source, Wikipedia, “Austral Alien is the fifth full-length studio album by the Australian progressive metal band, Alchemist”

There are also numerous Alien related video’s on Youtube which pop up when first searched, which, while entertaining, are also not really related to what this blog is about.

I thought the name would be clever because while I am Australian by passport, I have also lived in numerous different countries in Asia, (most recently Hong Kong) and don’t feel like I belong anywhere. Hence the “Alien” part of this blogs name.

(Yeah okay…it’s not that clever, I’ve pretty much just spelt Alien wrong but come on work with me here…I just spent $15,000AUD on a creative writing Masters last year and have yet to write anything and i’m afraid my brain is going to turn to musssssh).

So here I am chilling in Hong Kong after 13 straight years of Junior, Middle and Highschool and 4 years at University, twiddling my thumbs not really sure what to do now that the system of deadlines, assignments and organised learning has chewed me up and projectile vomited me against the side of a wall.

Great career moving stuff. Actually, though writing has always been a passion of mine, I really want to get into Film and Television as a Wridactor (Writer, Director, Actor) and started last year by working in Production on the Australian Reality TV series Freshwater Blue. Since season 2 has been put on hold, I’ve been kind of idle, dreaming up TV series’ I’d like to be in/write, watching Screenwipe (an amazingly hilarious BBC 4 show about TV) and I’ve been telling myself, I will start writing my blog and make it seem as though I know how to string sentences together (although today I’m 3 days deep in flu medication which is making the walls look a bit weird).

(Note my awkward and overused brackets to indicate what I’m really thinking while trying not to detract from my overall point.)

So here it is, Australien Blog, weird and wacky adventures of someone who feels like an Alien no matter where she goes.



View from my Window
(The nice looking building across the road belongs to some millionaire American family who bought the whole building and turned it into one of the most amazing houses/apartments I have ever seen in HK!)