Apart from the fact that I am PMSing the F out at the moment (which is really fun for the people around me eg. Mum in person “Should we go get pedicures to make us feel better?” and Boyfriend via skype – me: “No one loves me, i’m going to die alone” him: “I’ll talk to you later…”) and the fact that my floor is so clean that as I was wearing stockings, I fell over really hard on my bum, it was a glorious day in Hong Kong.

It’s not often that you get gorgeous blue skies and minimal pollution in the air so with that in mind, Mum and I got up early(ish) to go for a walk through the interesting streets around her apartment. Below are some of the things we saw.


Hollywood Road Sheung Wan, Not in LA sadly


Goat guarding the antiques store


Chinese Opera, Moving in for next weeks Ching Ming Festival


Snatches of Sky


Any Ideas?


Beautiful City







Mum and I have both been sick over the last few days. I have been doing a bit of casual English teaching and so it could be my exposure to the little germy kids I’ve been around, and it’s meant that I haven’t really left the house much this week.

However, I had to get out today to have lunch with my gorgeous friend Charlotte who is in Hong Kong for 3 months doing an internship with prestigious PR company Edelman. She is staying in Causeway Bay in the funkiest self-serviced apartment ever. Welcome to Hong Kong babe!


Two Austraaliens! (Charlotte on the right)


Charlie got right amongst the local Tech-savy vibe by heading straight off to Fortress to buy a new digital camera and new phone for her Hong Kong sim-card.


Charlie at Fortress


I know she’s going to kill it in this City and she told me today that she just found out she’s been accepted to OXFORD UNIVERSITY for October!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you gorgeous gorgeous girl. Very proud of you, lets see what Austraalien adventures we can get up to while you are here.