Sometimes it sucks to be a Third Culture Kid or a Global Nomad. I have friends in Australia who are so homegrown their blood practically runs green and gold if they get a cut. They’re from the beaches, or the big cities or the country, and it doesn’t matter which part of the weirdly shaped and extremely isolated continent they are from, they are united under the southern cross which guides them home.

No such luck for me.

Born in Perth to first time parents, I was practically popped out, put on display and then whisked back to our expat life in Singapore. My parents met in Sydney, which is where my Mum grew up, but she is a New Zealander by passport and birth. Dad is from Perth and that’s where his/our extended family is, but I’ve spent a total of 6 months out of 22 years there.

After Singapore, my parents moved to Macau where, at the time, there wasn’t much and almost no one spoke english. I’m told it was a lonely time for my parents. After Macau we moved to Hong Kong for a few years, Brother 1 was born there. We moved to Kuala Lumper when B1 and I were shortly joined by Brother 2.

So I was 7 years old by the time my parents had had enough of Asia and moved us down to Sydney where I quickly grew into a North Shore valley girl. After some glorious years beside the harbour, when I was 14 my parents decided to move us all back to Hong Kong. I was furious and had totally lost my love of Asia. I loved Sydney, had made friends and had my first ever Middle School boyfriend (who was Asian strangely enough).

4 years in Hong Kong saw me through High School at the Australian International School. My parents split up, Mum stayed in Hongkers, Dad moved down to Perth with B1 & B2 and I got into the University of Sydney (it’s funny how circular things seem to be).

And so here we are, four years after that (well… getting on for 5) and I’ve been ensconced in Aussie culture at University, feeling like I didn’t quite fit in with my Australian counterparts.

And now this.

One Huge world.

1/6,775,235,741 (according to Wiki)

So many countries – where to live?

My dream is to work in Film and Television and that means probably the US of A.

Currently I feel like a person with a heart split into four.

Mum gets a piece up here in Hong Kong. Dad, B1 & B2 get a piece down in Perth, Boyfriend in Sydney gets a piece, and there is a piece for me, screaming “GO, CHASE, RUN, DREAM.”

If only they could all be stuck together and pump to one beat…

Here are things I saw today:

IFC building. It feels like summer but I'm reminded it isn't.

Then because I was frustrated and stressed I went and sat on the roof.

Roof Supplies

Our Building is only 7 stories high, so it’s a unique view.

The view