I love those glorious days when the last of Winter disappear and Spring is in the air.
Today was my first day of the year wearing a dress without tights and it was lovely.

A weird thing about Sunday in Hong Kong though is that it’s Filipino day.
The maids in Hong Kong are mostly from the sunny Philippines and they only get Sundays off. As a result, all the public places in this city are taken over by groups of women eating, talking, dancing, singing and generally trying to make the best of the fact that they are far from home and not paid very much (I think minimum wage for them is around $3200HKD per month for 24/6).

The Hong Kong government even shuts down certain roads as the (mostly) women gather there on picnic rugs and often cardboard boxes flattened out.

These maids, aside from cleaning and cooking in the homes of Hong Kong, are also often responsible for raising many of the Hong Kong youth. I was certainly raised at one time or another by various maids and its a funny relationship. Although technically an employee of the family with their own space, friends, meals, they become another adult figure in Expat kids lives. It is therefore a tenuous relationship because the maid or “helper” can’t really punish you, but they are in charge of you. They are a huge part of your life and development, but they have their own families that you don’t know, and they could get fired or quit and change families or jobs at any time.

It’s just another one of those weird expat kid experiences…

Here is what I saw today:

Guiness. Camoflage Cat
Delicious Mangoes