Being an outgoing, enthusiastic, slightly manic person, I tend to do lots of socializing and as such, after only three days, my personal challenge of writing a blog post every day fell flat on its face and died.

As a gesture of goodwill to myself, despite how freaky it is to share your poems with the world, I have decided to post one that I wrote a while ago online.


Powder Face

She takes her face out of her bag
And applies it as she has applied it before
Accidentally drops her eyes
Rolls and skitters across the floor
Reaches a manicured hand under the seat
Adjusts the straps around her pedicured feet

Flips open the compact
Pouts her lips, fluffs her hair
Slides her hands over the silky black clothes
She’s chosen to wear

Pops a mint onto her luscious red tongue
Pops open another straining button

Tonight her signature
Will be carved out in concrete
By the staccato of stilleto’s
And a steady heart beat

Written by Paris Herbert-Taylor