We all know breakups suck. However, you can choose to be bummed and sad and put on 4kilos (like I have) or you can do positive things that will get you out the door and back into the fun of life!

How to Heal yourself (or appear to anyway)

1. Go and buy four Chicklit novels. I have just read “Diary of a working girl” and “The nearly weds.”

Diary of a Working Girl

The first is about Lane Silverman, newly single, who can’t seem to find love, is neurotic, a crappy career-less freelance writer, living in NYC, loves clothes is a burden on her couple friends etc. She decides to get a job in finance to try and meet the one, AND write a sweet article about it for Cosmo. BANG CRASH boom, complication, neurosis reaching new heights but of course, things come together in the end.

The Nearly Weds by Jane Costello

“The Nearly Weds” is about Zoe, jilted at the alter, she decides to take a nannying job in America. Lives with Ryan and his two adorable kids (who’s mother died) she picks up some other British nanny friends on the way and (duh) falls in love with Ryan (via getting back with her ex briefly and realizing he sucks)

Chick Lit is great because it makes you feel less crazy than you are (because the characters say and do things you think, but wouldn’t say or do and are REALLY issue prone). These types of novels make you think that if these truly ridiculously crazy characters can get back on the horse after a break up, then you most certainly can. Also they are fun and easy brain food, and sometimes you just want to switch off and indulge in mind junkfood (prior to this just for the record, I read ‘Schindler’s Ark’…so yeah my Mum should stop bitching about my English degree)

I’m not saying those books in particular were anything special, and since trying to find the image for the books, it seems like there are LOADS of divided opinions on whether they are crap or not.

But my advice remains unchanged. Get yourself some chicklit, huncker down, and enjoy the distractions.

2. Watch the BBC Pride and Prejudice.

Pride and Pejudice

If there is one thing I know that is truly true in this crazy world, it is that Colin Firth is the best Mr Darcy EVER. There can be no dispute. He played that role AMAZINGLY and I will forever love him for it.

Pride and Prej is the ultimate in breakuptainment. It will remind you that ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’ (thanks Shakespeare) and that even if all you have to offer is 50pounds a year, a man worth 10,000pounds a year will still marry you and even save your sister from ruin and will stare at you with smouldering eyes across a room and will have a double wedding with you and your other sister and her fiance who is his oldest friend. Or something. Anyway trust me. It will heal you or set you on your way.

(And as a side note, if you watch the Kiera Knightly one… well shame on you. It is NOTHING compared to the BBC)

3. Eat Chocolate and watch Chick Flicks:

– 10 Things I hate about you
– She’s all that
– Marley and Me
– He’s just not that into you
– The proposal
– Ever After

You get the gist. Anything with hot guys, hot but dorky girls and a happy ending. I would advise watching these with your friends so as to minimize your chocolate intake and so you aren’t alone and can pick which hotties are your faves.

And that is my advice for any lady (like myself) suffering heartache who wants to help heal herself with the banal. Breakups are not easy, but you are not alone, and there are plenty of happy endings out there (in the non “special massage” kind of way), I truly believe that.