Blogging has not been a priority this northern hemisphere summer due to one amazing place:

Camp Timberlane.

If you ever get the chance, go work at a summer camp, it`s like a paid vacation, getting to know a bunch of amazing kids and a bunch of amazing staff members. I can highly recommend it.

My last blog was months ago because I have been having too much fun (and not enough sleep) and it is only now, on a rainy afternoon in Quebec City, that I feel I have the time to write about my adventures.

Canada is, without a doubt, one of the most awesome places ever. It is lush, it is massive, and the people are as varied as the petits fruits I am currently fisting into my mouth. Torontoians (Torontoights?) are great, if not slightly passive aggressive and psychotic (why don`t the cyclists wear helmuts…why?). They live in a beautiful city that sadly lacks a harbour but has a great vibe and an easily navigable subway.

I have only so far spent 5 days with people from French Canada, but the people seem nice enough, if not culturally confused and retaining some of the european snottiness. With my limited high school french (Je suis Australienne, parle anglaise?) it`s been a fun ride, much like being in Asia with the language barrier, the difference being people here don`t assume you can`t speak the language and speak french at you 100km an hour.

But I digress.


Land of things.

Fun fact about Canadians, they love Australians. I don`t know if that is because our cultures are quite similar or if it`s just so damn far away that the novelty is so great. I know very few Canadians from back in Sydney (or maybe I do and just assumed they were Americans) but there are also loads of Aussies up here making the most of the amazing 2 year visa we can get with almost (almost, and by that i mean still lots) no stress.

It is therefore an easy choice I make to stay here for the next year. Yes, i`ll probably shrivel up and die in the snow like…a snake(?) (because…they are cold-blooded?) but i`ve never had a white christmas before, and there is only so long I can coast on the excuse that i`ve just finished my masters (just finished it almost 12 months ago). So time to find a job somewhere.

Toronto it is!