Ah life.

Could it be any more random and awesome? (answer…yes, a meteor could come to earth bearing aliens that look like globs of pus, smell like peanut brittle, and can shoot lasers from their genitals)

But I digress.

Ah life.

I started this blog because I wanted to make my mark on the internet (coal smudge on the giant steam train that it is – god my images are off the beaten-track today – I think it’s the expired candy I just found in the office draw) and to write about the experience of being Australian, a traveller, a gypsy, expat brat, nationality challenged twenty something…

Bare with me, the sugar’s going to wear off eventually.

…and Life has been coming at me thick and fast. Since the last time I wrote on this blogs space, I have found an amazing little apartment with some awesome chicks (can’t believe I’ve only been living there 3 weeks, it already feels like home) and am working in the Camp office of the summer Camp I worked at!

I even found a boy to go on dates with. Who’dathunkit?

I love Canada and Canada seems to be pulling out the stops to make it all fall into place for me.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!