I am (relatively) new to Canada.

And yes, I am clearly not from here. Whether it’s the accent that gives it away, my wide-eyed delight with every new thing I see, or simply that I don’t look Canadian (what does that look like anyway?), people can tell pretty quickly that I’m not a native Torontonian.

And with every new person I meet, there is the initial curiosity…


-no I’m not from Toronto originally.
-Australia. Sydney, but I grew up in Asia mostly.
-No you’re right, my accent isn’t very strong.
-Yes, you can detect a slight tinge to my accent because I went to British run schools as an Expatriate child.
– Hong Kong and Malaysia mostly.
– 8 years in Hong Kong, I forget how many in Malaysia. But my brothers were born in Hong Kong and Malaysia respectively.
– No I was born in Perth – never lived there really.
-Well I came over originally for summer camp and then stayed on working in their office.
-How long am I staying? Uhm. That’s a good question. I have a two-year working visa which I can renew until I’m 30…so…


I wonder why people always want to know where you’re from and how long your staying.
I guess it’s an orienting thing, they can put you in a box in their mind – they figure out how you fit in with the fabric of their life.


But the big secret is…


I’m just making this up as I go. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.


Isn’t that magic?