I came to Canada with a Knapsack .

I packed travelling type gear, stretchy comfortable black leggings, 10 singlet  tops, a zip-up hoodie, 2 pairs of going out shoes and 3 going out dresses, (Hey,  I’m a party girl) a couple of t-shirts, 2 pairs of denim shorts, a pair of jeans, running shoes, converse, 2 pairs of sandals, 2 day dresses, a raincoat, 7 bra’s, 10 pairs of underwear, 2 bikini’s and a pair of gumboots.

I figured, I’m in Canada for the summer, I hate looking like a tourist so I’ll just pack what I would wear at home. It is now winter and it is as though my clothes are rabbits and have been going at it in my drawers. The coats must be exhibitionists because I have an open rack type wardrobe, so they have obviously been multiplying while I have been asleep.

I honestly cannot remember how my one bag of clothes turned into a wardrobe-full. I can remember my most recent purchase of course, my ridiculous Canada-winter-ready-down-puffy jacket (bring on the snow!) because it was CRAZY expensive (seriously I could have bought the contents of a market-place stall in Hong Kong), but outside of that, I’m blanking on how these other items got in here…magic? Osmosis? My roommates have been smuggling clothes INTO my room instead of “borrowing” them.

I have no idea.

But I love clothes, and I must be tricking myself because I swear I wear the same 5-9 outfits on rotation and want to scream when I open my drawers. SO what are these other items? For example, where did you come from random slashed red top. Are you a refuge? Are my clothes alive like the Toy Story toys and they are moving around/smuggling these foreign garments in?

Am I that tired from work that clothes are appearing in my room? Am I sleep-shopping?!?

If i had to pack up tomorrow to leave my new adopted city – you can bet that everything WOULD NOT fit in one knapsack. More like KnapTRUCK.

and…end rant.


Running for the taxi to get my flight to Toronto