In the last week and a bit I have seen a number of movies that relate in one way or another to Time.

First it was ‘The Timer’ (2009) which my roommate and I found on Netflix and were kind of intrigued by (actually we were tired and it looked chick-flick-ey). The premise of the film is that you can get a timer implanted in your wrist and, providing the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with has one too, the timer will count down until you lay eyes on each other. The main characters isn’t working because her “True love” hasn’t had one implanted. So it is blank. Her sisters says she won’t meet the person until she is 42.

In the film everyone is obsessed with how much time is left on their clocks, and finding the corresponding person with the timer. Plot holes aside (-seemingly that everyone in America seems to pair up with someone in that country, the pre-ordained nature of life – the timer seems to know you wont randomly move to…Canada say? – And most couples seem to be hetero) everyone in the film is obsessed with finding their “True Love” and rather than comforting to know that you will find that person, people’s lives seem to shut down and it all becomes about, “The One.”


In Time’ (2011) is Justin Timberlake’s new (non-musical, take me seriously because I’m a SERIOUS Actor now) film. The trailers made the film look really interesting and a bit sci-fi-ey which I enjoy. The premise of the film is that humans have become genetically engineered to not age past 25. When you hit the age of 25, you get one year of time – also the currency for things like living, food (e.g a cup of coffee is four minutes).

Will Salas (JT) is from the ghetto, where people live day-to-day, hour to hour, working shitty jobs and getting low pay (do you see the analogy there for today’s world? You should! The writer and director hit you over the head with it constantly!)

I won’t ruin the film for you if you plan to see it (don’t waste the money at the cinema) but basically it somehow turns into a Robin Hood/Bonnie and Clyde thing that is so random. And they say TIME like 300 TIMES. SO you get kind of over it.

Oh that movie was about time? Sooooer random, I never picked up on that!

Then last night I saw ’50/50′ (2011) with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the film is about Cancer and running out of time. And unlike ‘The Timer” or “In time” the film doesn’t bash you over the head with the idea of the ticking clock, it obviously does make you think about our mortality, I mean the main character Adam played by JG-L is only 27.

So what did I learn from these films?

Yes I learned something from them, even the first two which were kind of weird/not that good.

They made me reflect on the “Time” that we do have, and we have no timers or numbers counting down to tell us when our life is over, or any indication of how much time is left.

And therefore we must live in the moment, achieve the things we want to achieve. Be spontaneous, strive to be happy, not take things for granted.

People say, and I’ve said it too, that life is short. Compared to the universe, yes, compared to our aging earth, yes, but short is relative. I think that if we strive to live the lives we want to live, life is just long enough.