I have been feeling ever so slightly home-sick for Australia in the last 24 hours.

It actually all started when I went to buy hamburger buns at the supermarket (The chain I went to is called ‘metro’). My boyfriend got a new bbq (that fact is irrelevant but relates to why I was buying hamburger buns) and asked me to pick up a few things (there! you see! all the pieces fit together now!) and because I have a massive sweet tooth, and we were seeing a movie later, I headed over to the confectionary section to choose some lollies to delight myself with.

It was there in that tiny section, beside crackers and opposite potato chips, that I realized that the majority of the Candy that I love, nay, need to live a happy and fulfilled junk food rich life, was missing.

Thus below are the ** items from Australia that I most miss in Canada.

Item 1: Redskins.
Delicious Wonka product, these tough chewy sticks of goodness are raspberry flavoured and are the main cause of braces bracket breakage in Australia.

Excellent eaten in copious amounts, they are also delicious shoved in vodka, left to ferment in the clear liquid and then eaten with your alcoholic beverage. Pffft, Bond can keep his olive martini. I’ll take a redskin vodka thanks.

Item 2: Salt and Vinegar Snakata’s.
Anyone that knows me at all knows that I am addicted to all things salt & vinegar flavoured, be they chips, goldfish, small rodents…

Moving on.

By far my favourite ever of the Salt & Vinegar products is the rice cracker made by Snakata. I cannot begin to estimate how many boxes of them I ate last year during my masters, but they used to have deals at the supermarket that you could get two boxes for $2. So needless to say. I ate a lot. DELICIOUS CARBS AND E NUMBERS!

Item 3: Minties.
Minties, chewy mints. GENIUS. And who can forget their slogan “It’s moments like these we need Minties.” And how every wrapper had a different random situation where something would go wrong. If I am to understand the slogan, a mintie saved that situation. AMAZING peppermint flavoured goodness!

Item 4: Vegemite.
What sounds unappealing

about Concentrated Yeast Extract? Why WOULDN’T you think to spread that on your toast in the morning with butter?

Look, I know the North American’s will never understand it…but it’s something we grew up with as kids. Vegemite and cheese sandwiches. Vegemite on toast. It’s salty and black, and you only need a very thin spread. AMAZING for hangovers – just what your body needs.

Item 5: Yellow Mango’s
Okay this is not strictly an Australian thing.

When I say MANGO – this is what I mean. A glistening, soft, yellow, juicy fruit that is delicious and made of goodness and yum.

Not this….

You looklike an Apple. You can’t tell me what to do, YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MANGO!


*runs screaming into room and slams door*

I’m sure there are more Australian products that I miss, but those are the ones that are really getting me down over here in Canada. Like, come on, they have KoreaTown, ChinaTown, GreekTown, Little Italy. Where’s Little Australia?

I feel like Murray from Flight of The Concords should set up a joint Australia, New Zealand Town in Toronto!