I was having a bit of a weep and tantrum today because I let the little things get to me.
After work I went to the shops in a huff and bought my $35 gloves (waterproof, bring it on snowmen) and then I huffled all the way to the subway, and then I huffed and grumbled because my train was delayed (a more and more frequent occurrence in Toronto, funny I never noticed it when I was just a “tourist”) then I huffed my way home, grumbled and sniffled as I heated up my delicious left over wings from last night’s “Duffs” excursion, sniffled and growled out of my clothes and into nakedness and then quite suddenly, cried a few tears.

Dramatic I know.

But then I decided to stop being a four-year old, and write a list of the things that were bothering me, because I feel like if I name things, I can conquer them. And I realized, that really, the things that were getting me down were mostly manageable problems (okay I can’t control this gloomy freezing weather, but I can control how many clothes I put on).

So here are my “problems” and the solutions that fixed them.

1. My Ankle Hurts from my boots which I have worn down from wearing every day.
Solution: Change Shoes! I wore my heinous running shoes around the house doing my chores today and my ankle is still sore (it’s been a problem since I was a kid) but it already feels better. Next I need to buy some more shoes.
Time taken to solve: 10 seconds. 

2. I have no clean clothes and have to wear a sexy g-string with my sloppy pajama’s.
Solution: DO SOME WASHING! I struggle to do my laundry. We don’t have a washing machine in our apartment, instead we have a communal laundry located downstairs (outside into the freezing cold) and around the back. It’s coin operated and you have to keep going to check up on it because you have to transfer the clean wet laundry into the drier, and the dryer sometimes decides to randomly stop. This is why I enjoy doing laundry at the boyfriend’s house. It’s all indoors, it’s not coin operated, and it’s brand spanking new. Put on and ignore. I think he’s catching onto me though…bringing a bag of gross dirty laundry over on our “nights out”. Today I even hand washed those annoying items that I constantly have to hand wash after one wear, and I ask myself “Why did I buy you?”
Time Taken to solve: 3 hours total, 10 minutes actually doing something.

3. My room is messy and I don’t want to be in it.
Solution: Clean room! Today I cleaned my room from top to bottom, I even used disinfectant wipes to clean the blinds! Now…hey hey! Let’s have a party in here! *party of one* …
Time Taken to solve: 1 hour

4. I don’t feel christmassy 😦
Solution: Christmasafy! I wrapped tinsel around the end of my bedpost’s, put my Barbie advent calendar in a prominent place on my dresser, strung fairy lights around our front window and wrapped my first christmas present. It’s not much, but it’s a start!
Time Taken to solve: 15 minutes 

5. I feel so uncreative! Working 9-5 in admin is sucking the life from me!
Solution: BLOG! AAAAHHHH that’s better
Time Taken to solve:  45 Mins 



End Rant