You know those nights where you can’t sleep because your tooth is actually GROWING into your face?
I do.
Four years ago my wisdom teeth started giving me problems and I decided it was time to do something about it. Being the eldest, I was a little uncertain how this all went down.
So I went to the dentist and got an xray of my teeth. Fine. One tooth impacted, two fairly simple just breaking through. One, not an issue as it was trapped behind a different tooth and unlikely to descend.

What a joke.

Thinking back, the guy did have a degree from the University of South Australia. South Australia? Yeah okay.

So being the gullible child that I was, I decided to go ahead and get the three problem teeth removed, and thought I’d ignore the one which was just chilling. Let him chill (I thought to myself).

Great Idea Paris.

So rather than endure one round of pain and swelling and make that damn orthodontic surgeon get those useless teeth out of my face, he left one behind. And derp derp off I went into the sunset with chipmunk face and a crazy reaction to the drugs.

Until now.

Tooth is growing sideways into soft cheek causing achiness and sads. I live in Canada where I have no access to free healthcare/medical insurance maintained by father. Oh fun life.

Sigh. Does bitching about it on my blog help?

Not really.

But maybe a little