It may sound a little pessimistic but, every year as the 31st of December turns into the 1st of January, I’m reminded that another 12 months have passed where I have not been invited to attend the Academy awards (never mind that I have not actually written a film or TV series that has been seen by people other than my roommates and mother).

The change from one year to the next is a time of Hope as much as it is a time of reflecting on things that haven’t been achieved (still not a size 8? hmmm, i’ll just eat this cookie dough, that will help). It’s a time of lists, things one would like to achieve. I’m a big fan of lists, clarity and putting things in order. I believe that putting it out into the universe, naming what it is you desire or hope for yourself, is the first step.

You can always hope to be a stand-up comic, but if you don’t set yourself the goals, like, do some live standup at an open Mic night, you’re probably never going to achieve Louie CK greatness.

This is hard for someone as impatient as me.

What do you mean fame isn’t going to be handed to me on a silver plate with grapes all around in a love heart formation?

I like not this reality. Bring me another.

At 23, I have had a pretty fantastic and interesting life, but I am always, always hungry for the next entertaining thing, the next adventure. Sensory overload! SHINY! MORE THINGS!!!!

Unfortunately this is something that has been a trait of mine since I was a small elfish looking infant. I don’t know that I will ever be able to change it. I have always wanted things bigger, different, shinier, newer, tighter, faster, louder. It has led me all over the place, through different experiences. Sometimes it’s exhausting, other times it is the life-blood of what makes me such an attractive person to have in your life. Either way, nothing is done in half measures.

SO being in North America and having amazing places close at hand and with 2012 feeling like a travel adventure year, here are 12 places I’d like to be visiting in 2012! 2012, 12 months… see what I did there?

12. Las Vegas
I have never heard of anyone having a bad  experience is the city of extravagance. I would want to go for the lights and night life and the amazing shows. Oh and for the partying and poolside lounging. Obviously.

11. Washington DC
The capital of the United States, with all it’s culture and beautiful architecture, how could I not visit this amazingly historic site? I’ve heard it’s beautiful in the fall with all the leaves changing. So that is something to keep in mind.

10. New Orleans
The city of jazz, colour, life. No further description needed.

9. Prince Edward Island
Lush, Canadian. This country is so huge, I need to see more of it.

8. Chicago
Everything i’ve heard about Chicago makes me think it is a city I will fall in love with.

7. Miami
Not only do I have a great friend who lives down there, it is a beachy paradise and Orlando (close by) has Harry Potter world!



6. Newfoundland
Another Canadian Desitination I’d love to head to. Different, picturesque, also located on the East coast of Canada

5. San Fransisco
Everything I have seen or read about this hilly city makes me think I would adore it. I want to bike across the golden gate bridge and take the street trams around.

4. Los Angeles
The home of Hollywood. What else is there to say?

3. Boston
Just another cool American get-away, close to Toronto, lots of Museums, all my friends that went there after camp said it was amazing.

2. Vancouver
Beautiful harbour city on the west coast of Canada.

1. New York City

And there it is the impatient, Austraalien travel wish list. How much of that can be achieved we’ll have to see! 2012 is a new, blank slate after all…