It’s 2012, the year the Mayans say we’ll all die. It is also the Chinese Astrological year of the Dragon (my year – which means I’ll be turning 24!!!! when the hell did i come into my twenties?!!?) which according to my brief look through the Internets, tells me is going to be a time of feverish hard-work, followed by some chill time in the summer seasons. So there you go. 2012 in a nutshell as told to you by me from skimming a couple of random sites.

AH! The new year. So many new years resolutions to make and keep (until February) so much a time of feeling hopeful and pondering on potential!

I haven’t actually sat down and written out any resolutions for the year because I’ve been lazy (2012 resolution: be less lazy…fuck) and because as I bitched in another post, my wisdom tooth is growing into my face and causing me pain and therefore I am mopey and not doing anything productive (except watching episode after episode of Boardwalk Empire/30 Rock/Shameless).

But don’t despair! I know you were sitting there in your room with your little portal into my soul (computer screen) wishing and praying that I would fill your life with joy by talking more on that fascinating topic you love so well… ME!

So here they are: Resolutions (AKA challenges accepted)

1. Take the stairs instead of the escalator (if there is that option)
2. No soft drink (unless mixed with alcohol) and eat healthy, I do not need to eat a bag of salt and vinegar goldfish a day (even though they are delicious)
3. Visit a place outside of Toronto once per month (I’m counting my jaunt to Brighton Ontario in January if I can’t get anywhere else this mouth due to ridiculous wisdom tooth extraction draining my bank account).
4. Update blog a minimum of 3 times a week.
5. Take up a team sport and actually attend
6. Perform in at least 4 stage related things in 2012
7. Do one good deed a month (good deedliness to be run past my moral compasses, Mother and extremely good and kind roommate Kat)
8. Think before I speak (this has been a resolution of mine every year since I was 12… it’s not going so well, but I live in optimism!)
9. Live Optimistically
10. Say yes before saying no (to challenges, not to rapists with Rohypnol laced drinks)
11.  Get off ass and finish 1 of the 1000 creative projects I have started (I jest, it’s more like 7)
12. Be less concerned by money (although not spend flippantly)
13. Take care of my health (Don’t go drinking even if I really want to if cold/flu symptoms persist)
14. Be good to friends and family
15. Appreciate the little things (like a beautiful day or a free lunch) and not focus on the things I don’t have (a mansion, a Ferrari, world domination, a kitten named Hal)
16. Keep focused and follow dreams and aim to achieve goals
17. Work hard
18. Laugh often
19. Keep gathering wisdom (as in knowledge and not fucking teeth) and keep my brain active.
20. Strive to be happy (this is the last line of the Desiderata, but it rings SO true)

I like 20. Twenty is strong and virile and still flirty and fun without those random chest hairs that grow thick and black and curly…I digress.

I think you’ll agree that the final resolution is the most important, it is one I include every year and I believe that I’ve had a very happy life so far. Disasters and tragedies are unavoidable, but I hope that 2012 brings us all moments of happiness and joy amongst the rubble of still struggling economies, higher unemployment rates and a world economic power shift.