Classy former Prime Minister/Ranga
Classy former Prime Minister/Ranga

31. How many Twitter followers do I have?

30. How long is too long to go without changing your sheets?

29. Will my Roommate notice if I steal a bit of her butter

28. How can I get more views on my Blog?

27. Who got voted out of Big Brother USA this week.

26. Would I be skinnier if I became a vegetarian?

25. Is Breaking Bad as good as they say?

24. Should I be more concerned about the environment?

23. Whats the cheapest way to get drunk?

22. The amount of sugar in Sprite and whether or not I’ll become a diabetes patient if I keep drinking the amount I do.

21. My socks and why I keep losing just one of each pair.

20. Will I get wrinkles if I always leave my makeup when I go to bed due to laziness/waterproof indestructible makeup?

19. Dim Sum, and how to have as much of it in my body at any one time.

18. If my hair looks nice today.

17. What does KCCO mean? (I am so uncool)

16. Why doesn’t the wifi always work in my room?

15. Who really shot Kennedy?

14. Shoes.

13. Is that guy looking at me or the girl behind me?

12. One time I sprayed my JLo perfume on something that was damp and wore it and now every time I wear that perfume I get that sensory thing where it reminds me of wearing something damp. Should I chuck out that perfume?

11. Keeping my room clean.

10. Do I instagram too much?

9. Animals.

8. Reddit.

7. Ninja’s, and how I can reasonably become one with little no effort.

6. Is Facebook like, so over?

5. Getting a Job.

4. Scrubbing the bath tub.

3. Why do people keep thinking I’m British?

2. Will Amy Poehler and Will Arnett ever get back together?

1. Who the American president is.

No but seriously. From what I can see (on my Facebook feed, because that is as far as my research will go on this matter), Australian Politicians are a bunch of Juvenile babies who bicker and stab each other in the back. It’s like a more boring version of a soap opera I wouldn’t watch even if I was in a hospital with both my legs and arms broken and had no way to change the channel (I could always just stop breathing.)

Australian politics feels very far away from my perch in Toronto and I think it is bizarre that I am being forced to vote for people that I feel don’t really have any governance over my life (okay technically the dooooo).

The only issue that elicits any depth of feeling is Marriage equality, and sadly, it seems that is a long way off.

Vote or we’ll fine you. Proud to be an Australian