As you may have noticed, my blog has undergone a name and face transplant. Like a small child attempting to look beautiful but missing the mark entirely, after some thoughtful advice from Elephanttruths (a long time family friend), I decided it was time to give my writing a new place to shine. is my new writing home, a play on all of the emotional baggage I leave unchecked, and all of the travel I do (did I ram the joke down your throat enough? Oh good. Carry on).

Coming up with the name for this blog was not only difficult (are there any original idea’s left in the world I wonder?) but I have to admit I got a little sentimental about letting go of austraalien, it is the blog I started during University. It’s who I have been (on and off) for years. I exported all the posts here so that we can all be a family, and I can work on growing my internet presence, and therefore be one step closer to world domination…but I think deep down I will always be attached to austraalien in some ways.

And as I stood in the shower for too long thinking about this, the whole renaming thing morphed in my brain into thinking about changing your name name: your last name.

Especially as errrybody be getting married up in heeeeyaaaarreee yo (god I’m so hood – too much of The Wire which is currently on Netflix)

My Mum still has her own last name, and so does my Dad, which is why they combined and I ended up with the double barrel “Herbert-Taylor”. It seems the fairest and most diplomatic way to do things. Also Herbert-Taylor is a kickass name, so thanks guys!

Probably due to this double last name, I have always just figured that if the time came, I’d keep my own last name, dude-nugget would keep his, and our kids would just have to suck it up and learn to spell a super long last name. If a German man can have the last name “Ottovordemgentschenfeld” then my womb fruit can be “Herbert-Taylor-Igotyouforeighteenyearsnowyouidiot” or whatever.

I never really considered that what my parents did was something random or radical, or that my Mum was some kind of feminist for keeping her own name, and incorporating it into our name. I mean, I love my Dad to the end of the earth, but when it came to actually being born and such, my Mum did prettttty much all of the heavy lifting. If anything my Dad should have been like: OMG-thankyou-so-much-for-growing-a-human-person-inside-you: lets call it whatever you want. And then I would be called Paris Anne Sparkle-Princess… on now wait thats what I would have named myself.

At 27 years old, I am smack bang in the midst of my peers marriage and baby-having season, and I would guess that at this stage, 85% of my friends have either changed their names, or plan to. Which is cool – you do you boo, but for me personally, it’s not something I think I could do.

Changing the name of this blog was hard enough!

But I am curious, in a world where pretty much anything goes in terms of religion, sexuality, politics and the way people live, why we’ve clung to the traditional naming culture. In the 1990’s, 23% of women kept their last names, in the 2000’s, 19% and as of the latest study in 2010, only 8%.

It is argued that the naming culture of paternal last names being handed down to children came as a result of legitimizing a Father’s responsibility to a child. Before modern medicine and paternity testing I’m guessing.

Now that whole situation would go down totally differently:

Man: I’m pretty sure that isn’t my baby.
Doctor: okay cool lemme just check that for you…oh! you’re right. Carry on with your life no baby guy.

At the end of the day, like this blog, a name is just a name, and whether you are Austraalien v.s The Unchecked Baggage, or little Susie Smith vs grown up Susie Chokesondycks I hope you stay true to who you are inside.

That being said…

ENJOY MY NEW BLOG and tell the whole wide world how great it is!

Not me. Just someone cute from the internet