Happy New Year from Thailand.

As our North American friends and family have breakfast and lunch, and our Australian and New Zealander friends and family go to bed, I look out over the quiet orange city of Bangkok and I feel reflective.

A few modest fireworks off in the distance (the country is in mourning due to the loss of a beloved King), I’m dressed in sweats, curled up on the couch with my significant other, watching a Sci-fi flick. Nothing special, but a special feeling of newness, and hope.

2016 was a year of fits and starts for me personally. It is something that is hard to talk about in an industry of “fake it til you make it.”

Feeling stuck is hard, admitting you need a kick in the bum and a helping hand is even harder. Fear is paralyzing.

I talk a lot, and if 2016 has taught me anything it is to mind my words, because they truly are the train tracks on which our future intentions are built.

If you tell yourself “I could never do that because…” then you never will.

I have been afraid to fail. I know that you might be too.

But 2017 is a year of doing…it has to be. As our world leaders cause fractures and divisions, as we lose sight of our community as a whole and we feel hate and fear boil up and over, we must screw our courage to the sticking place, and march forward.

We can’t go backwards and we can’t stand still.

So lets go.

What are your new years resolutions? And what are you waiting for?