Today is National Dog Day (according to the instagrams I have seen through the squint of my hungover eye balls) and I have spent the entire Saturday vacuuming and doing laundry and snuggling with my current foster pooch Baloo, a four year old, 150lb St Bernard.

I have ALWAYS loved animals, but also have ALWAYS been too afraid to commit to a pet because of my travelling lifestyle.

When I started my new job in Los Angeles, one of my coworkers had recently begun fostering a litter of kittens. I kind of knew of the concept of fostering, but I always thought it would be too hard to look after a dog, fall in love, and then send them on their way to a new life.

My apartment in West Hollywood is (by my standards as a Hong Kong bred tiny apartment girl) huge. And empty of furniture. I have never lived alone before and after a few weeks of weird creaky noises and random sounds outside (helicopters…yelling…sirens – all the fun LA noises) I caved and reached out to the rescue my friend worked with.

It has been four months now and I have looked after four dogs (Bobby, Brownie, Linus and Baloo).


The thing about life that I’m learning more and more is, you always think you CAN’T do something, until you find yourself doing it.

I always considered myself to be too immature, and flakey and busy to look after a dog. Though not a neat freak, I hate extra mess and noise and effort. And yet…

The truth is, your heart expands to fill the love that is needed from you, and never was more love needed than for rescue dogs transitioning from the pound, or from bad situations.

You find yourself unbothered by the extra cleaning (so much vacuuming!) and the smells and the barking because you find yourself needed and adored by a creature that can’t do it with out you (oh my god is that PARENTHOOD?!).

The truth is, on this Saturday night, while events rage around two guys biffing each other in the face (Macgregor VS Maywheather) there really isn’t anywhere I’d rather be than on the couch with a slobbery mass of dog.

Happy National Dog Day from all of the doggie guests (past and present) at Casa de Paris