Living in LA, I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with phenomenal people from all walks of life. For a while now I’ve wanted to delve a little deeper with some of those people and learn how they tick.

It’s a wild and wonderful city, filled with creatives, up and comers, and mega stars on the move.

In Los Angeles, everybody has a story, so for now for the first time: Meet my People! And watch this space!

Georgie, also known as Georgina – is an Australian actress. She moved from Melbourne to Los Angeles a few years ago to begin studying at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she majored in both drama and comedy

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PARIS: When did you know you wanted to be actress?

GEORGIE: When I was younger I wanted to be every profession under the sun. One day I wanted to be a vet, the next a lawyer, the next a marine biologist. I couldn’t decide. I always loved film and television – and my siblings and I would always create little comedy sketches, but I hadn’t thought about it as a career. But one day I watched the film Gladiator. I was still pretty young at this point but I will never forget how it made me feel. I was shocked that a film could provoke all these very real emotions. It was then that I realized the power that actors had to change the way people felt – and I wanted to do that. As I got older I kept pushing down this acting dream, but I think I knew deep down that it would rear it’s head again – and I am so glad that it has – as I couldn’t be happier now that I am doing it!


PARIS: What did you do before you were an actress?

GEORGIE: Before giving my all to acting, I actually used to work as an associate producer in reality television and before that – marketing! Way back when, I moved to London after graduating from a degree in business and began working in marketing and advertising. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be. My cousin used to work in the television industry in Australia and she told me to take the leap and get into television in London. So I did! I started working as a PA/ runner for a well-known reality series in the UK called Made In Chelsea. I worked my way up each series and eventually became an AP. Starting out this way in TV was such a blessing, because it meant that I had an insight into how the business side works, so that when I made the transition into acting – none of it seemed too daunting.

PARIS: What is the easiest thing about what you do?

GEORGIE: The easiest thing about acting is that as an actor – you are in control of your schedule and your lifestyle. For instance, it’s my choice as to when I wake up in the morning, which roles I want to accept, when I want to take holidays etc. That being said, it can be a double-edged sword because you need to be motivated enough so that you don’t waste the down time. It can be too easy to relax and not put in the work because you are running your own schedule. I love all aspects of acting whether its being on set, applying for casting calls, editing my website  – so I am lucky in that sense because I feel motivated everyday to work hard.

PARIS: What is the hardest thing about what you do?

GEORGIE: The hardest thing about acting is the uncertainty. With acting, you might be in control of your schedule, but you never have control over whether or not you book the role. This can make you a little loopy- as there can be a lot of downtime with no end in sight. It is not like having a 9-5 job where you know what you’ll be working on week to week and having a steady income. Sometimes you might go weeks or months without work and then boom – you’ll be booked to work for the next few months. So it is finding a way to balance your downtime and stay motivated.

PARIS: What is the one piece of advice you give to younger people that want to do what you do?

GEORGIE: I would have to say – create your own work. Leading on from the uncertainty in this industry, creating your own work is so important. With all the digital forms of media these days, it’s never been easier to create, edit and post your own content. So if you’re not booking the roles you want, then you should go ahead and create the roles you do want! I have a group of people that I love working with and we have written, filmed and edited a few short films – all in a few short weeks. It is important to keep those creative juices flowing in your downtime and it means that you can add this footage to show reels and keep working. Also, casting directors are always scouring the web for new talent, so if you are constantly creating and posting content – you never know who might be watching.

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PARIS: What is something you wish you had known earlier in your career?

GEORGIE: I wish I had known earlier on that being authentically myself is actually what makes you stand out as an actor. I always thought I had to try to be someone else, prettier, skinnier,  – but now I have realized that being exactly who I am, is actually the biggest advantage. Being confident in who you are really comes through in acting and it is what gives actors their edge. We know what we love about Robert Downey Jr and what we love about Keanu Reeves – because their authenticity comes through in their acting.

PARIS: Who is someone who’s career you admire, and what makes them successful at what they do?

GEORGIE: As a fellow Aussie – I really admire Rebel Wilson’s career and what she has done for herself! She is one of those actors who has embraced what makes her different and rolls with it. She started out in the acting industry in Australia but worked hard to make a name for herself on an international level. She is also really savvy and business minded – and completed a law degree while also pursuing a career in acting. She has said that her law degree has really helped her to negotiate contracts in the acting world – I wish I had that ability! She is heavily involved in charities that help disadvantaged children get the education they need. She’s also a powerhouse and recently starred in AND co-produced the film The Hustle – because she’s always hustling.

PARIS: How does your imaginary Academy award winning speech start (aka what is the speech you practice in the shower when you’re day dreaming?)

GEORGIE: First and foremost I would thank my parents – because honestly none of this would be possible without them. They have done so much for me and if (when J) I win an Academy award – it will be because they supported me along the entire journey. Next I would do a Snoop Dog getting his star on the Hollywood walk of fame and thank myself. So many people thank other people for helping to get them there, and yet they forget to thank themselves for putting in all the effort and hard work. I think it would be great if people acknowledged how far they have come and what they have achieved.

PARIS: When you look back at this moment in your life, 20 years from now, what is something that you will be grateful for?

GEORGIE: In this moment I am so grateful for the unconditional love and support that I have from my family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive of my choice to take this leap into acting. Many people out there say that the industry is hard to get into and that chances of success are slim, but I have never heard one word of doubt from anyone around me. Having that kind of support system has been invaluable. I am so grateful for it.