Hi World, It’s be a quiet year eh? Not much has happened personally or in the world. All quiet.

Haha what a great joke, if that was one of my stand up sets (I’ve done two digital stand ups now so clearly an expert) that would get a big laugh. We call that “sarcasm” and it’s really very popular.

In all seriousness, around the time of my last post last year, (a nice little write up about a talented Aussie by the name of Georgie Storm Waite), I landed a dream job – working for a film producer – and promptly moved to Pittsburgh, where I lived for six months. It was kind of a whirl wind and by kind of i mean a hurricane in a fancy Saturday night dress.

The hours were long, the experience was amazing, and I came home mid February tired but excited for the next opportunity.

And then the world exploded.

Not literally, but of course, that would have had potentially the same results what with the way COVID19 has ripped across the globe.

I have no original take on the virus that has caused so many deaths, health issues and an economic downturn, but I do know that personally, it threw my life into a chaos that is only now stabilizing.

The entertainment industry has ground to a halt (in some ways) as we try to re-orient ourselves in a post virus world. In other ways it has thrived, with the boom of development and sales of scripts and stories being shouted in the headlines daily. It has inspired me to get back to writing my own stories, and through the last few months I have written four TV half hour scripts. Comedy is my jam, but Sci-Fi and Fantasy have been my bread.

For this grown up expat brat, with her visa troubles and her tentative hold on the world she lives in, it has been a personal nightmare that has finally (somewhat) stabilized as my application for a green card pends. Please let writing this not be a jinx.

I have the best lawyer ever (tbd, thats just me putting that out in the universe) and an incredibly supportive partner (not TBD, he really is the best) and a smelly, scrappy little pup (this is a true representation), all helping me through this strange time.

I love that expression “it takes a village”.

This whole Rona experience has made me realize that I have the strongest and best village ever. I am so incredibly grateful for the way my world has pivoted, and though I am what’s known in the business as “funemployed” I have found many ways to keep busy, keep structured, and flex my creative muscles.

And that is why The Unchecked Baggage blog is BACK BABY! Now with more forethought and structure (new blogs will drop Wednesday’s).

I’m also excited to announce that my personal website (parisherberttaylor.com) is coming soon, as well as an exciting new creative outlet that I don’t want to hype up too much until it gets going. A clue is: you’ll get to hear my confused Austraalien accent in your ear holes. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Thank you for always being a fan of this blog space, and for allowing my voice to shout at you with words. It’s a weird new time, but we adapt or we case to exist.

See you Wednesday for my hot take on whatever the fuck nonsense tickles me probably the night before.

Paris xo