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Administration Appreciation Association

Apparently it is Administration Appreciation week, so grab your Assistant, grab your Receptionist and give them a big ol' smooch on the facial area (don't do that - HR will have to have a serious talk with you about boundaries, and there's... Continue Reading →

When being a Receptionist sucks…

2014 has been a pretty fantastic year thus far. I had the opportunity to go to Sundance Film Festival and Los Angeles, and when I got back to Toronto I had a number of awesome interviews for roles in the Film... Continue Reading →

Google where art thou

I use Google for everything. When I'm lost or need to find the best route somewhere (and because I'm a 25 year old without a license - how to best get their via public transport). I Google recipes that involve... Continue Reading →

Oh, Philip.

I'm not one to jump on bandwagons usually (first of all, I don't particularly like the idea of travel by wagon, and secondly, I don't know how much room there would be for me back there, like how big is... Continue Reading →

A few simple tips for maximizing your time

I am tired. Tired like my eyes might fall out of my face if I don't keep my head in the right position. Tired like my bones are rocks injected with cement. Tired like my brain is potato. A potato?... Continue Reading →

Give me a Hand

I stare at the back of my hands a lot because I mostly work at a computer and when I'm not staring at the glowing screen, I am staring at the body-tools that do almost everything, every day of my... Continue Reading →

Things I have learned from working as a Temp that are actually valuable life lessons

Being a Temp is like always being the new kid at school. Some of you may recoil at the thought, but not me. I love a challenge. I was often the new kid, as an Expat Brat who moved around... Continue Reading →

That one time, at Band Camp, when we made a Video out of my Blog

Hey Peeps   Remember that time AustraAlien teamed up with a really cool chick with a camera, a dude named Daniel who was kind-of just along for the ride, and a freaking hilarious musician to turn one of her blogs... Continue Reading →

Mars One: The Reality TV show

It may not seem like it when you first meet me (insert joke about Blonde hair and big boobs here) but I am absolutely fascinated by Space (and not just because I want to be a big STAAAAAAAR). And it... Continue Reading →

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