The Unchecked Baggage



Rock N Roll Rona Ralphs

So, it’s the pandemic. Shocking I know. You’re probably all Corona’d out by now. I know I am. The media and the social channels. It feels like there’s never anything good to talk about. I know I find myself on... Continue Reading →

A day in the life of Hedgey the Hedgehog, the worst creature in the world

Oh hey you guys! My name is Hedgey and I'm a hedgehog that lives in Toronto with my roommates Paris and Dani, and my Mum Brodie. Brodie is the only person I won't bite in the whoooooollleeeee world, and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Destinations I will gladly travel to for your wedding

Being an international woman of the world (I am Carmen Sandiago and you ARE jealous) I have friends scattered across the globe, which is fun for me because I get facebook birthday messages for like 48 hours, AND I have... Continue Reading →

Cosmo Sex Tips are ruining my life

As an English Major I've read a lot of literature in my time, and I continue to read everything from the Game of Thrones series, sci-fi books like Enders Game, biographies and all the chick-lit in between. So for me... Continue Reading →

Literal Advice I can take from Pop Songs: AKA how to win like Ke$ha

Put a Milkshake in your yard and boys will come there  Thanks Kelis! Getting a new boyfriend was never so easy. My hair can be made into a whip Willow Smith has one apparently, and her dad is Will Smith,... Continue Reading →

31 Things I care more about than who is in Government in Australia

31. How many Twitter followers do I have?30. How long is too long to go without changing your sheets?29. Will my Roommate notice if I steal a bit of her butter28. How can I get more views on my Blog?27.... Continue Reading →

Wouldn't it be cool if you could lose weight by doing the opposite of things that make you lose weight??

So recently I went to Asia for two months, and due to a combination of stress-not-eating because of a job that really took it out of me, and the fact that I walk every where in Hong Kong, I lost... Continue Reading →

6 reasons I still might probably get a cat even though my roommate is allergic.

I have two roommates that are really lovely. They are craigslist roomies which means they are strangers from the internet and I had about 20 minutes with them before I had to decide if they were a) rapists and b)... Continue Reading →

25 things you're still doing at 25 that mean you might be a fuckup

Didn't our mothers teach us any better? Aren't we supposed to be fully equipped adults at this quarter century mark?! Guess not. 25. Ignore your credit card bill Oh hello there bank statement. I'll just put you right over here... Continue Reading →

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