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The Emperors new clothes: A moth story that wasn’t (Ambition)

This story was written for The Moth in Los Angeles January 10th. The theme was ambition. My name went into the hat, but sadly didn't get pulled. So here it is for the internets. Enjoy! In 1996, at the age... Continue Reading →

Be nice to your sibling/s – they are your memory secret keepers

I am feeling a bit border locked as my passport (with my brand new US visa) is being held hostage by the Canadian postal service. Apparently it is something called "Easter weekend" and because of some guy who partied so hard... Continue Reading →

Is there a place for me in Trump’s America?

I landed in Los Angeles 18 days ago, on the 12th of January 2017,  1 week before the Presidential inauguration. I had watched the campaigns for the role of 45th President of the United States from afar, the circus of American... Continue Reading →

The C-bomb, and I'm not talking about the swear word Ass-douche

My roommate has Cancer. And it fucking sucks. She is a 22 year old student who hoards mugs in her room (we know you do, once we had to rescue some from that den of despair because we were drinking... Continue Reading →

25 things you're still doing at 25 that mean you might be a fuckup

Didn't our mothers teach us any better? Aren't we supposed to be fully equipped adults at this quarter century mark?! Guess not. 25. Ignore your credit card bill Oh hello there bank statement. I'll just put you right over here... Continue Reading →


What does it mean to be brave? It's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately as I look at the world around me with a new sense of inspiration and hope. Sara Bareilles song 'Brave' has been my jam... Continue Reading →

So High School

Being back in Hong Kong is sometimes so weird. In this fast paced city, so much can change. Leave for a year and BOOM they've just built all these new buildings and your favourite cheap outlet is gone and French... Continue Reading →


Family is probably one of the most important elements of our lives. Our family is our support network when all the rest of it turns to shit. They're the people we turn to for support, and the occasional organ donation.... Continue Reading →


  January 2013 marked 11 years since my family moved to Hong Kong for the second time. And although it's just my mum who lives here now, and I've lived in Sydney, Australia for four of those years and Toronto,... Continue Reading →

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