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Digi-Dating: Building something with someone when you have no fixed address

"Digital nomad"  has become a bit of a buzz term lately...anyone travelling with a laptop and a data-plan can claim to be one (just throw out words like "Digital Marketing" "Dropshipping" and "client focuses" while frantically slurping down cute coffee's... Continue Reading →

Successfully living with your Significant Other aka 8 ways to finish off your year not a murderer

So I guess I have a boy room/bedmate. We live together, like, every day. For like, months now.

Functional Sadness aka Wrestling the Big Black Dog

We all get sad. You are not alone.   I get sad because I feel like I'm not far enough along in my career, I get sad because I feel like a failure, I get sad because I feel like... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

As you may have noticed, my blog has undergone a name and face transplant. Like a small child attempting to look beautiful but missing the mark entirely, after some thoughtful advice from Elephanttruths (a long time family friend), I decided it... Continue Reading →

Sweetpea is Dead

My name is Paris, and I am not your "Sweetie", "Sweetpea" or your "Honey". I am a twenty seven year old adult (as far as you know) that works near you. There is only one man who is allowed to... Continue Reading →

The "I like dating this person but we're not quite ready to get married so please don't deport me" Visa

After 4 years of living in Toronto, 13 months of Visa limbo hell, $3500 Canadian Dollars, 16 forms, 7 tearful calls to a Lawyer, 2 police checks, an Expensive english test, a medical (and a partridge in a pear tree...... Continue Reading →


I found out on Monday that a young guy I knew back in Australia died unexpectedly over the weekend. And it made me weep. I would always read that expression ("weep") in books and just imagine someone crying. But weeping... Continue Reading →

7 Passive Aggressive things I will do if you piss me off, that you will never know about

7. Mispronounce and misspell your name when speaking to people we both know, about you: “How is um...what was her name...shit... Diandra? You know, the brunette from Sales? Oh Diana? With an iana on the end? Huh. You have literally... Continue Reading →

Do battle, be brave.

Every new day poses a question to each of us: how are you going to live today? Though the internet has moved on to its obsession with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I still find myself unable to quite process the... Continue Reading →

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