The Unchecked Baggage


Third culture kid

Far from "home"

It's way early in the morning in the city I live in and I've been awake for hours. I fell asleep right after work and set an alarm to check the reviews on a movie I'm supporting as part of my... Continue Reading →

How do Third Culture Kids make it work?

A Facebook event invitation pops up. What is the first detail you note? For me it's the city the event is being held in. I've missed so many birthdays, bachelorettes, house warnings, engagement parties... 2 weeks ago, two of the... Continue Reading →

Encounters with morons

There are  few people who's advice I truly value. My parents (because they have known me since before I was just a tiny puke-inducing parasite in my mothers stomach and they honestly want what's best for me), a handful of... Continue Reading →

3 Years later and I've still never seen a Moose

The 12th of June 2011 is the day I arrived on Canadian soil, which makes today mine and Canada's 3 year "Canaversary". If Canada was a dude, we'd be getting pretty serious right about now. Maybe move in together, get... Continue Reading →

I'm really glad I didn't successfully murder you during our childhood

I'm not one to get all mushy (pffft yes I am) and write about how schweet my life is (all the time... that's literally all I write about)  or how great my family is (they fucking CRaYcraY) but I just... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye to "Home"

When people ask me where I'm from, I can't help it. I take a deep breath in, and I roll my eyes slightly. Where am I from? What a pointless question. I think people ask it because I have a... Continue Reading →

Things I have learned from working as a Temp that are actually valuable life lessons

Being a Temp is like always being the new kid at school. Some of you may recoil at the thought, but not me. I love a challenge. I was often the new kid, as an Expat Brat who moved around... Continue Reading →

4 Characters from Childhood Stories I would NOT be friends with

I used to love it when my parents would read to me as a child. I think that it was all the reading they did in those early years that has made me want to write my own things (and... Continue Reading →

Should I eat this expired Pork?

Things you don't know that only Google/Your parent can answer. Should I eat this Expired Pork? It's best before date is 3 days ago, but it seems okay and it's been in the fridge...? Google says: NO! Dad says: Yes.... Continue Reading →

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