The Unchecked Baggage


Third culture kid

Encounters with morons

There are  few people who's advice I truly value. My parents (because they have known me since before I was just a tiny puke-inducing parasite in my mothers stomach and they honestly want what's best for me), a handful of... Continue Reading →

3 Years later and I've still never seen a Moose

The 12th of June 2011 is the day I arrived on Canadian soil, which makes today mine and Canada's 3 year "Canaversary". If Canada was a dude, we'd be getting pretty serious right about now. Maybe move in together, get... Continue Reading →

I'm really glad I didn't successfully murder you during our childhood

I'm not one to get all mushy (pffft yes I am) and write about how schweet my life is (all the time... that's literally all I write about)  or how great my family is (they fucking CRaYcraY) but I just... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye to "Home"

When people ask me where I'm from, I can't help it. I take a deep breath in, and I roll my eyes slightly. Where am I from? What a pointless question. I think people ask it because I have a... Continue Reading →

Things I have learned from working as a Temp that are actually valuable life lessons

Being a Temp is like always being the new kid at school. Some of you may recoil at the thought, but not me. I love a challenge. I was often the new kid, as an Expat Brat who moved around... Continue Reading →

4 Characters from Childhood Stories I would NOT be friends with

I used to love it when my parents would read to me as a child. I think that it was all the reading they did in those early years that has made me want to write my own things (and... Continue Reading →

Should I eat this expired Pork?

Things you don't know that only Google/Your parent can answer. Should I eat this Expired Pork? It's best before date is 3 days ago, but it seems okay and it's been in the fridge...? Google says: NO! Dad says: Yes.... Continue Reading →

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