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Am I still an Expat, or am I just a Pat?

Am I still an Expat, or am I just a Pat?

Successfully living with your Significant Other aka 8 ways to finish off your year not a murderer

So I guess I have a boy room/bedmate. We live together, like, every day. For like, months now.

5 things I thought would be different when I left home

It has been almost 10 years since I left home and went out into the wild, scary, unknown world of adulthood living. I feel like I was truly and utterly underprepared for what was out there, and had I known,... Continue Reading →

50 something things you should not buy for your 50 something Father on his Birthday

Oh hey everyone! It's my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Austraalien Papa. I don't know how you feel about me revealing your age on the interwebs, so lets just leave it at the vague 5o something mark. Here are 50 something... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye to "Home"

When people ask me where I'm from, I can't help it. I take a deep breath in, and I roll my eyes slightly. Where am I from? What a pointless question. I think people ask it because I have a... Continue Reading →

6 reasons I still might probably get a cat even though my roommate is allergic.

I have two roommates that are really lovely. They are craigslist roomies which means they are strangers from the internet and I had about 20 minutes with them before I had to decide if they were a) rapists and b)... Continue Reading →

25 things you're still doing at 25 that mean you might be a fuckup

Didn't our mothers teach us any better? Aren't we supposed to be fully equipped adults at this quarter century mark?! Guess not. 25. Ignore your credit card bill Oh hello there bank statement. I'll just put you right over here... Continue Reading →

The Fourth day of the New Year

I for one buy into all the New Year resolutions brew-ha-ha. I'm no fool. I know that realistically this time last week I was no hugely different person (although I was in Hong Kong having a pretty sweet-as time with... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons I am failing at life as an adult, but winning at being 3

  Sometimes I love living away from home. Don't get me wrong, I adore my family and I miss them, but they are the kind of people who I can take in small doses too. We have always been a... Continue Reading →

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