The Unchecked Baggage



Paris to Bangkok: 4 Differences between two top travel destinations

  On the surface, Paris and Bangkok are obviously, two completely different cities. Paris is a city filled with European history, food oozing with butter, and famous landmarks. Bangkok is a city of roadside markets, ancient temples and chaotic traffic.... Continue Reading →

Just Go: The world is waiting for you

I'm a believer in going after the things you want. Something that comes up again and again for the crowd that went the traditional route: go to school, go to University, get your first job, is that a feeling that... Continue Reading →

Six Feet Under-standing

Today I finished watching the fifth season of a little HBO show they like to call 'Six Feet Under'. I began watching Season One earlier this year with intelligent and sort of cineophile-ish Canuck boyfriend. When he began explaining the... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of wanting vs doing

I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks and that makes me feel bad. Blogging is always on my to do list, even when my brain feels like the melted easter eggs I found in the bottom of my desk drawer... Continue Reading →

I achieved Being alive today

What constitutes a good day? For some, it is not getting eaten by           lions, having clean water to drink,          having enough food and shelter and a supportive family that loves you.... Continue Reading →

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