The Unchecked Baggage



Successfully living with your Significant Other aka 8 ways to finish off your year not a murderer

So I guess I have a boy room/bedmate. We live together, like, every day. For like, months now.

5 Things that are in my bed that are not me

Gosh being in your twenties is exciting isn't it? Every day is an adventure and blah blah blah. Sometimes (read, all the times) there are things in my bed which aren't me. Here's a list. 1. Laundry I couldn't be... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of wanting vs doing

I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks and that makes me feel bad. Blogging is always on my to do list, even when my brain feels like the melted easter eggs I found in the bottom of my desk drawer... Continue Reading →

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