The Unchecked Baggage



Speed Dating

I feel like everybody needs good stories from when they were single (those crazy ol' days) to regale their recently divorced female friends (fuck him! we never liked him anyway!) & grandchildren (see kids, your GamGam used to be a... Continue Reading →

Romance me like one of your Gym Socks

I love Fairy Tales, Cinderella in particular was always a favourite of mine, and clearly Hollywood's too, because many of the chick flicks being churned out by the entertainment machine perpetuate some form of this legend. I mean, what is... Continue Reading →

7 Things male animals do that make them better than male humans

I am in no way condoning bestiality over here, but seriously, males in the wild are working their asses off to impress the female of their breed. Which is perhaps more than can be said for my species (although many... Continue Reading →

The wonderful world of Tinder

For those of you sheeple who don't know what Tinder is, prepare your anus's. This shit is hilarious. Imagine an App on your phone that uses your location, and that you log into with Facebook. It takes your 4/5 most... Continue Reading →

So High School

Being back in Hong Kong is sometimes so weird. In this fast paced city, so much can change. Leave for a year and BOOM they've just built all these new buildings and your favourite cheap outlet is gone and French... Continue Reading →

Things I know nothing about: Weddings

So it turns out that I'm old enough to know people who are my age that are getting married. I feel like I'm not alone in this. You're just a twenty something minding your own business and then BAM on... Continue Reading →

Dream a little dream of Me

Woke up an hour before my alarm this morning because of an extremely vivid bad dream. Because I start work at 7am, this makes the hour of my sit-up-gasping-in-bed moment around 5 am. I try to roll over, try to... Continue Reading →

A bag and a half of Crazy

Hi. I'm Paris. I'm 5"4, I have skin that breaks out in hives on occasion for no reason, and curled toes that  kind of look like claws. Also, I'm female, and as such I have lady productive parts, fun items... Continue Reading →

That one time I tried online dating

I am 23. As you may or may not have gathered from previous posts. I have two degrees (in useful things like "Film" and "Creative Writing" - watch as I beat away potential employers with a club, "NO DAMNIT! I... Continue Reading →

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