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Things I have learned from working as a Temp that are actually valuable life lessons

Being a Temp is like always being the new kid at school. Some of you may recoil at the thought, but not me. I love a challenge. I was often the new kid, as an Expat Brat who moved around... Continue Reading →

Things I wish I knew before I did my Masters of Creative Writing AKA you should have spent your money on shoes

Hey Past Paris, how's it going? So adorable that you just turned 21 and that you're finishing up your Bachelor of Arts degree. It's a miracle you passed every subject (hey...a 51 is still a pass OKAY) and that they're... Continue Reading →

Temping, Prositution of the Corporate world

Temping: temp [tɛmp] Informal n a person, esp a typist or other office worker, employed on a temporary basis vb (intr) to work as a temp Turns out Temping is better paid than retail (not by much, but enough for... Continue Reading →

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