The Unchecked Baggage


United States

Here it is

It's Thanksgiving in America this weekend, and while I am not American, nor do I live in America (North of the border YO!) I think it's an important time of my life to take a deep breath and think about... Continue Reading →

Pick a fight, any fight

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone who described me as Confrontational and always looking for a fight, someone who is always ready to stress about something. Now this person actually likes me (apparently), and that hurt my feelings. They... Continue Reading →

MUM MUM! I'm going to be on TV!

I am looking forward to Tomorrow morning because when I wake, I'll brush my hair, wash my face (usually it looks like a snail slept at the corner of my mouth because of all the shiny drool marks), I'll try... Continue Reading →

I'm proud of you

I tell people frequently that I have two brothers. Okay that’s not true. When people ask me if I have siblings, I often tell people “I have two GAY brothers.” I don’t know why I say it like that. Being... Continue Reading →

America, the Australia to Canada's New Zealand

The United States of America. Land of Supersize Me, The statue of Liberty, George Bush and Corn Syrup Paradise. After talking too much about how I love to travel and see new things, and having not really traveled or seen... Continue Reading →

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